[Image-SIG] Font Support in PIL

kcazabon kcazabon" <kcazabon@home.com
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 08:01:16 -0700

Hi Loris;

I while back I created a whole bunch of font sets for PIL because I was
having the same problems.  One of the other users (Piers Lauder) kindly
provided FTP space for them, as they're quite large (even when zipped).

They're available at the following address if you'd like to download
"pre-PIL-ified" fonts.


Kevin Cazabon

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> Hello,
> I'm try to create some fonts that can be read by the ImageFont library
> bdf2pil.  However it dies in font2image saying that Image.core.hex_decoder
> should have two args rather than the one provided.
> I've tried greping for hex_decoder in the library but dont get any hits.
> anybody else get this to work?  Without it I can't see how that I can
> text using the ImageDraw library.
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