[Image-SIG] PIL Install Woes

Jesse W jessw@loop.com
Sat, 11 Mar 2000 12:18:01 +0000

	I did not realize that .2b4 was old.  I got it on 
the downlode that was available on the page, as opposed to the link 
to pythonware.com, was for version 2b4.  It would be more kind to 
newbies if you but a stronger warning about downloading the 
old version. <sheepish grin>  But, on a happier note, I downloaded 
the new version and it works.

				Thank you very much,
							Jesse Weinstein

> Jesse wrote:
> > I am trying to install PIL 2b4-win32 and when I run viewer.py I get 
> > this error.
> 0.2b4 is over three years old or so.  where did you find it?