[Image-SIG] Pil format fonts use...

Kevin Cazabon KCAZA@cymbolic.com
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 12:46:47 -0800

I'm sure it probably is... you just need a font that has the greek symbols that you
need.  Once I get a "system" in place for properly converting these fonts, it
shouldn't be too hard to do.  As I mentioned though, I'm having a few problems, but
they don't seem insurmountable.

The font support in PIL is easy to use, provided that you have the fonts you need
pre-formatted into PIL font format (which is the difficult part... at least for me!)


>>> Les Schaffer <godzilla@netmeg.net> 03/17/00 12:28PM >>>

Thanks for the description of your PIL uses.

Now you __have__ given me an idea: i would love to be able to put TeX
formatted labels on some images. Basically, i'd like to be able to
take a TeX string and place it in an image. The strings will have
usually equations and greek symbols.

is that doable with PIL, your fonts, and some added tools? 

les schaffer

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