[Image-SIG] PIL fonts... base package available online...!

kcazabon kcazabon" <kcazabon@home.com
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 22:31:35 -0800

I've put together a 'base' package of PIL-format fonts... a bit over the
top, but oh well.

The only one I have room to post on my web space is the 100dpi package for
now.  There's fonts from 8pt to 72pt in it, that you can use at other
resolutions too, but the sizing will change accordingly.

It's a fairly large zip, 4.5mb, which I'll split up later when I figure out
where these can be hosted.

see http://members.home.com/lenticular for details.

I hope these are useful to some of you!

Kevin Cazabon.

(fyi, PIL fonts are in 2 pieces:  a "pbm" file, which is actually a "PNG"
format image that you can open and view, and a "pil" file that contains the
metrics for the image file.  You need both to use them with PIL)