[Image-SIG] Pixmap widget with access to pixels?

Ralph Seguin rpseguin@yahoo.com
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:24:43 -0800

I'm looking for a widget that I could use inside of Python (Tkinter or
otherwise) that
gives me access to setting and retrieving individual pixels.
I know that the Tkinter Canvas widget allows me to have arcs, rects,
..., but I'm talking about
having a large canvas where I want to render directly to the pixels.

I've got PIL working with Tkinter in terms of copying an entire pixmap
over, but this is INCREDIBLY inefficient.

I'd like to have something that works within the existing framework, but
I'm open to patching my python installs (talking about a number of
machines here...).
I'm going to look at the TOGL, PyOpenGL and other things and see how
they've done it.
I'd love it if these were all integrated...

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.