[Image-SIG] broken configure script...

John-Mark Gurney John-Mark Gurney <gurney_j@resnet.uoregon.edu>
Wed, 3 May 2000 12:51:03 -0700

When I did a ./configure in Imaging-1.0/libImaging, it didn't check
the standard location /usr/local/lib for libjpeg, but that isn't the
real bug.. the real bug is that when I do:
./configure --with-jpeg=/usr/local/lib it then fails to find the jpeg
library because the configure script didn't include the -L<pathtojpeg>
in the Makefile...

This is based off of:
MD5 (Imaging-1.0.tar.gz) = aa42c8a7eede77a54973a150c90af78a
3822401520 313109 Imaging-1.0.tar.gz

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