[Image-SIG] PNG vs. GIF89a

Jeff Simpson jeffrey.simpson@supplysolution.com
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:41:47 -0700

I've been using PIL to generate some images in the PNG format.  This has
worked out well, except I'm having trouble with transparent backgrounds
in browsers - namely IE 5.5.  IE5.5 supposedly only supports transparent
PNG images with 256 bits using palette mode.  Does this make sense to
anyone and if so do you have any experience using palette mode in PIL to
create a a PNG image viewable in IE 5.5? Actually, any examples of using
palette and achieving transparency in a PNG would be helpful.

If I convert my images to GIF89a, using ImageMagick, I can render the
image, but it is both time consuming and supports the whole LZW issue.

BTW, the PNG support in Mozilla M17 is suberb and renders the images
nicely :)