[Image-SIG] FW: PIL-------pilconvert.py

Moodie, Craig CA Moodie.Craig.CA@bhp.com
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 12:41:38 +1100

>              I downloaded the PIL from the Python download site .The downloaded file was pil-win32-991101.zip.
> 	I unzipped the file and place the contents of the directory py152 directly in the python directory ie to avoid updating the PYTHONPATH via the 
> regedit.exe Windows registry.
>          Python
> 		PIL
> 		Scripts
> 		etc
> 	I am running Python 1.52 on a Windows 95 m/c.
> 	I want to convert a .tif file to a .jpg so I typed ---at the Scripts directory:-
> 	python pilconvert.py imagef.tif imagef.jpg
> 	This resulted in :
> 	cannot convert image(exceptions.Importerror:The _imaging C module is not installed)
>             This looks like there is something missing in the installation?
> The code did create a empty file called imagef.jpg in the Scripts directory.
> I have downloaded your documentation of PIL version 0.2b3. This was the only docos I could locate readily.
> 	Can you point me at what is wrong and/or missing?
>                                     regards
> 			Craig

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