[Image-SIG] Problem choosing inks/drawing in GIF file

Manoj Plakal plakal@cs.wisc.edu
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 05:53:43 -0500


I'm trying to use PIL to draw a line
graph on a pre-existing GIF template file. 

However, for some reason, no matter
what palette index I specify as
the ink, the lines I draw are all white
(which happens to be the first color
in the palette).

Could anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
Code is at the end of the message.

Also, I tried the example code on
creating paletted images from scratch
and all I get is a black rectangle,
none of the shapes specified in the
code are drawn.

This is with PIL-1.1.2, Python 2.1,
Solaris 2.8.


import Image, ImageDraw

image = Image.open( "graph_template.gif" )  # -- 500x600 GIF, 67-color palette

draw = ImageDraw.Draw( image )
draw.setink(1)   # -- Orange-ish
draw.line( [(52,550),(220,40)] )
draw.setink(2)   # -- another shade of orange
draw.line( [(220,40),(300,550)] )
draw.ellipse( (52,40,300,550) )

image.save( "graph.gif" )