[Image-SIG] PIL

Tom Cameron tom@cameron.to
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 17:44:36 +1000

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it has not helped.

=> Ok, first check the libjpeg paths in Setup.in,
I am pretty certain these are correct. I get no errors on compile and I can
see libjpeg files in the directory that it references

=> then check libImaging/ImConfig.h for '#define HAVE_LIBJPEG',
=> default is, as far as I remember, '/* #undef HAVE_LIBJPEG */'
=> that doesn't mean to link libjpeg!

You were correct here, this was not set to #define. I changed this.

Then I removed all *.o files from libImaging and ran './configure' and
'make' again.

I then returned to the Imaging directory and ran 'make -f Makefile.pre.in'
again and then 'make'. And finally I copied the files into the python path.
I also deleted the previous files to be sure.

I have to admit this is all a bit confusing to me so I may have stuffed up.

Tom Cameron