[Image-SIG] jpeg comments

John P Speno speno@isc.upenn.edu
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:43:35 -0400

I was interested in using PIL 1.1.2 for reading and writing comments from
jpeg files. That feature isn't included with PIL, but I was able to easily
enable the reading of comments with very small changes to
JpegImagePlugin.py. I choose to put the comments into the Image object as
info['comments']. Diffs available by request.

The harder part for me is using PIL to save a jpeg which preserves the
comments. Does anyone have pointers for doing this or patches to PIL which
can do this?

I thought about using SWIG to create a python module out of the
jpeg-6b/wrjpgcom.c, which reads and writes jpeg comments, but I'd rather
have it all in PIL.

Secondly, is there a list of new features planned for PIL 1.2?