[Image-SIG] Re: I have problem about PIL

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@effbot.org
Thu, 3 May 2001 21:47:54 +0200

(nattiya, the mailing list software doesn't allow attachments over
40k or so, so your mail didn't get through to the list.  however, I
managed to get my hands on it anyway...)

Nattiya wrote:

> I have used PIL, and I have problem with draw.text() module
> /.../ See the text that is in left. I want it to rotate 90 degree
> to stay along with Y-axis.

I've attached a simple font wrapper that lets you write "transposed"
text via the standard draw.text() function.  to use this, create a font
in the usual way, and then wrap it

    font = ImageFont.load(...)
    vertical_font = TransposedFont(font, Image.ROTATE_90)
    draw.text((x, y), text, vertical_font)

the second argument can be any valid argument to the Image object's
transpose method (i.e. ROTATE_90, ROTATE_180, ROTATE_270,
FLIP_LEFT_RIGHT, or FLIP_TOP_BOTTOM), or None to use the font
as is.

hope this helps!

Cheers /F

# TransposedFont.py

import Image

class TransposedFont:

    def __init__(self, font, orientation=None):
        self.font = font
        self.orientation = orientation

    def getsize(self, text):
        w, h = self.font.getsize(text)
        if self.orientation in (Image.ROTATE_90, Image.ROTATE_270):
            return h, w
        return w, h

    def getmask(self, text):
        im = self.font.getmask(text)
        if self.orientation is not None:
            return im.transpose(self.orientation)
        return im

# end