[Image-SIG] Images in Zope/ReportLab

Christopher Lee clee@v1.wustl.edu
Wed, 9 May 2001 06:55:50 -0500 (CDT)

>>>>> "Heiner" == Heiner de Wendt <H.dewendt@systec.de> writes:

    Heiner> Hi,
    >> you can spend all day passing self.image1 to different functions; it
    >> still won't turn itself into a filename.

    Heiner> But how DO I turn it into a filename?

Here's a message exchange between Tim Cook and Ed Colmar that may help:
(Ultimately, you may want to look at Zope's source code.)

Hi Tim

Grab my GreetingCard product off zope.org:

To answer your question here is a code snippet:
            ## This file is uploaded by the user into a localFS folder
            uploadedfile = str(self.uploadedimage.file_name())


            ## This image is a hardcoded logo
            c.drawInlineImage('upsideownlogo.jpg', 3.5*inch,
9.5*inch,width=1.71*inch, height=.72*inch)

     Hope this helps!


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> ed colmar wrote:
> >
> > hey all!
> >
> >     I worked around this same problem by using the LocalFS product to
> > the images in the filesystem...  Reportlab easily pulls them in in this
> > case.
> >
> Hi Ed,
> Mind sharing some sample code?
> Let's say you have a LocalFS object with an id of 'image_dir' how
> do you insert 'image01.jpg' in the PDF?
> Thanks,
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