[Image-SIG] NT, IIS and png

Anja Kipfer kipfer@logiball.de
Thu, 10 May 2001 15:20:24 +0200


there's a problem with displaying png-data when the script runs in IIS 4.0 
on NT. Using Apache on NT the same code /png-files just work fine!

The error occurs a follows:

Image.save is called: apply(image.save, (sys.stdout, format), params)
this calls PngImagePlugin._save(im, fp, filename, chunk=putchunk, check=0)
this calls ImageFile._save(...)
Here, the script crashes at line fh=fp.fileno(), whereby fp is the 
passed-through parameter sys.stdout

If I call image.save with a filename instead, a correct png-file gets 
created - but I have it in the file system and not on the screen where I 
want it to be! Do I need a certain environment-variable or similar to be 
able to write in sys.stdout? Does anyone have an idea of how to solve that 

With many thanks in advance, Anja