[Image-SIG] Compression for TIF files

Kevin.Cazabon@gretag.com Kevin.Cazabon@gretag.com
Tue, 22 May 2001 12:30:01 -0600

I believe that the reason that PIL doesn't include LZW compression is a=

licensing issue... LZW must be licensed for "encoding", but not for
"decoding" (I think), similar to GIF.  LZW is the only common compressi=
scheme for TIFF, although not the only one.  TIFF also supports JPEG
compression, however it's not widely supported by other applications (s=
as Photoshop), so there hasn't been a big push to implement it.

Sorry... not very helpful I know.

Kevin Cazabon

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Just like start by stating PIL is a fantastic product ... I have been
reading the documentation and just wanted to find if there is a workaro=
to not being able to write compressed tif files ... i need to publish 1=
images to a web page ... (I cannot use png files or gifs at the moment =
the java applet I am using to display the images does not currently sup=
them) ...

kind regards

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