[Image-SIG] Compression for TIF files

Ben Catanzariti benc@rehame.com
Wed, 23 May 2001 10:21:12 +1000

Thanks for that Kevin

Do you know if PIL be supporting any compression standards ... ie. huffman
(although I think is owned ny Unisys??), CCITT3 etc?


Ben Catanzariti

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I believe that the reason that PIL doesn't include LZW compression is a
licensing issue... LZW must be licensed for "encoding", but not for
"decoding" (I think), similar to GIF.  LZW is the only common compression
scheme for TIFF, although not the only one.  TIFF also supports JPEG
compression, however it's not widely supported by other applications (such
as Photoshop), so there hasn't been a big push to implement it.

Sorry... not very helpful I know.

Kevin Cazabon

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Just like start by stating PIL is a fantastic product ... I have been
reading the documentation and just wanted to find if there is a workaround
to not being able to write compressed tif files ... i need to publish 1 bit
images to a web page ... (I cannot use png files or gifs at the moment as
the java applet I am using to display the images does not currently support
them) ...

kind regards

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