[Image-SIG] Python C API mismatch

Terry Hancock Terry Hancock <hancock@ipac.caltech.edu>
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 18:10:16 -0800 (PST)

>>>>>> "Terry" == Terry Hancock <hancock@ipac.caltech.edu> writes:
>    Terry> I've seen this a few times lately: WARNING: Python C API
>    Terry> version mismatch for module _imaging: This Python has API
>    Terry> version 1010, module _imaging has version 1009.
>I sometimes get this when I compile a module as root, who doesn't
>have /usr/local/bin/python in the PATH, and then run it as a normal
>user, who does.  On my system, /usr/bin/python is an earlier version
>than /usr/local/bin/python.

Thanks. This is probably related to my problem. I was
explicitly referring to the new python 2.1.1, but there's
a python 2.0.1 on my path.  I imagine the build scripts
were detecting and using the old one.  I've modified my
path to promote the new version ahead of the old one.

I had thought I was using python 2.1.1 throughout, hence
my misunderstanding of the consequences of this error.
This probably explains other errors as well. :) In any
case, I will clear everything out and try again.

Thanks also for the replies from Fredrik Lundh and
Anthony Baxter which made it clear that this had to
be the result of compiling with a different python.

-- Terry

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