[Image-SIG] Odd ImageDraw.text behavior

Richard A. Smith Richard A. Smith" <rsmith@bitworks.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 14:23:41 -0500

ImageDraw.text seems to remove all spaces in the string I send it. 
Is this intentional?


Draw.text((0,0),'Distance=%4.2f inches' %
(self.Length*self.Scale),font=Font,fill = self.LineColorRGB)

Yeilds:  'Distance=3.45inches'

Draw.text((0,0),'Space    test  a',font=Font,fill =

Yeilds:  'Spacetesta'

I am using PIL 1.1.2 with python 2.1.1 loading up the 'Arial_10_72'
from the prebuild font package I found searching in the archives.

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