[Image-SIG] Re: Imaging-1.1.2 probs on RH Linux 7.1

Kip Lehman kipster@americanisp.net
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 07:37:30 -0600

It turns out that Imaging is not the cause of the core dump.  This sort
of thing
turned up later with Numeric and DCOracle.  After going through a
sequence of
building python with different config options and modules, it turns out
building python using the --with-pymalloc config option is the offending
I was able to establish this on both a RH 7.1 box and a Mandrake 8.x
installation.  Strangely, though the option has no ill effect on a
Solaris 2.6
installation.  After building python without using  the --with-pymalloc
option on the Linux boxes, everything works as desired.

As a result, the use of PIL is being used to exert incredible pressure
on an
external vendor to match functionality developed in 3 days using PIL.
vendor has already taken 3+ weeks to come up with 40% of the
A big tip o' the hat to Python/PIL!

"Kip Lehman" <Kip.Lehman@Level3.com>