[Image-SIG] FITS data format.

Paul Hughett hughett@mercur.uphs.upenn.edu
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:46:47 -0400

"Bill OConnor" <wtoconnor@mmrsoftware.com> has written:

> I'm trying to write a module to import a FITS data format.
> First: A module already exists but it uses c library routines to do the
> reading.  I'd like to do it in pure python to avoid any porting issues.
> The main issue I see is that floats are stored in binary form and I
> don't see how I would read them into a python object.  If anyone knows
> how to do this please let me know.
> Second: If such a module already exists and I haven't found it please
> tell me.
Try the struct module, which--I believe--comes with the standard Python

Paul Hughett