[Image-SIG] Transparent GIFs

Terry Hancock hancock@anansispaceworks.com
Sat, 06 Apr 2002 03:14:36 -0800

Hi All,

A M Thomas wrote:
> I've been working with the Python Imaging Library (PIL) a bit, and my
> goal is to make some nice gif images of text, antialiased to a
> background color of my choosing, with the actual background transparant.

On this topic -- how exactly can you get transparent GIFs out
of PIL? I'm using 1.1.2 and the manual says it writes GIF 87a,
which I think means it doesn't support transparency. Which is
bad -- From an idealogical standpoint I love PNGs, but the sad
truth is that there are still many browsers out there that cannot
render transparent PNGs. So for transparent images, I'm stuck
with GIF.

So is there some way around this problem?

Thanks for any ideas,

Terry Hancock
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