[Image-SIG] Transparent GIFs

Takekun Sato too@pk.highway.ne.jp
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 11:15:21 +0900

You may consult an article

I hope it helps.

Terry Hancock wrote:

> Hi All,
> A M Thomas wrote:
> > I've been working with the Python Imaging Library (PIL) a bit, and my
> > goal is to make some nice gif images of text, antialiased to a
> > background color of my choosing, with the actual background transparant.
> On this topic -- how exactly can you get transparent GIFs out
> of PIL? I'm using 1.1.2 and the manual says it writes GIF 87a,
> which I think means it doesn't support transparency. Which is
> bad -- From an idealogical standpoint I love PNGs, but the sad
> truth is that there are still many browsers out there that cannot
> render transparent PNGs. So for transparent images, I'm stuck
> with GIF.