[Image-SIG] How to get 1.1.3 on MacOS X?

David Eppstein eppstein@ics.uci.edu
Sun, 04 Aug 2002 16:44:35 -0700

I am currently using PIL 1.1.2 under MacPython (with a W user interface) to 
make web photo albums but am very frustrated with the lack of antialiasing 
when downsampling -- using smoothing instead results in very soft images. 
The new ANTIALIAS filter in 1.1.3 looks to be the perfect cure for this 
problem, and I'm hoping it will also fix the warnings I've been getting 
about obsolete regexp packages.  But, the only distribution I've seen of 
1.1.3 is the source.  Is it possible to get this working under MacPython 
without a recent version of CodeWarrior (I do have a very old CW and a 
recent gcc), and is there information available somewhere on how to do 
this, or is there a compiled version available anywhere?

Failing that, is there another OS X Python version I should be using, and 
if so what's involved in setting it up and creating GUI-based standalone 
applications with it?

Please copy me on any responses since I only look at this list sporadically.

David Eppstein       UC Irvine Dept. of Information & Computer Science
eppstein@ics.uci.edu http://www.ics.uci.edu/~eppstein/