[Image-SIG] Reading 16bit image

Mauricio Caliggiuri Inforcati mauricio.inforcati@cenpra.gov.br
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 16:50:33 -0300


how can I use the "raw decoder" to read a binary 16 bit image?
I tried doing this:

>> import Image
>> data =3D open('binary_file').read()   #string buffer with data
>> size =3D (256 256)                        #this is really its size
>> mode =3D 'F;16'
>> image =3D Image.fromstrin(mode,size,data,"raw")

Python tells me this mode (F;16) does not exist. So, wich mode must I use=
16 bit images?
Could somebody help me?


  Mauricio Inforcati