[Image-SIG] Error in compiling PIL using VC 6 -

Bernhard Herzog bh@intevation.de
13 Aug 2002 10:59:57 +0200

"icubed" <shichang@icubed.com> writes:

> hi, all
>      When i try to compile latest PIL using VC6, I got the following error:
> Dibc.
>  .... error C2632: 'int' followed by 'int' is illegal
> How to solve this problem?

I'm not sure if it was exactly the same error, but fixed it by including
basetsd.h before Imaging.h in the files where it was a problem. The
comment I put into the files reads:

  /* include this under windows because it defines INT32 and UINT32 as
   * typedefs which won't work if it's included after ImPlatform.h which
   * contains preprocessor macros with those names
  #include <basetsd.h>


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