[Image-SIG] build problems

Seth Hettich sjh@whiskey.ucf.ics.uci.edu
Wed, 06 Feb 2002 14:31:57 -0800

> I see in the archives this has come up before, but I didn't see a solution.
> I'm building w/ gcc on a solaris system.  libImaging builds fine,
> but back in the main dir, when it comes time to link:
> gcc -shared  ./_imaging.o ./decode.o ./encode.o ./map.o ./display.o
> ./outline.o 
> ./path.o  libImaging/libImaging.a -L/opt/contrib/gnome/lib
> -R/opt/contrib/gnome/
> lib -ljpeg -L/opt/contrib/gnome/lib -R/opt/contrib/gnome/lib -lz  -o
> ./_imaging.
> so
> Text relocation remains                         referenced
>     against symbol                  offset      in file
> ImagingTransformAffine              0x3b90 libImaging/libImaging.a(Geometry
> .o)


Ok, I got it to link, here is what I used:
ld -G  ./decode.o ./encode.o ./map.o ./display.o ./outline.o ./path.o
-L./libImaging -L/opt/contrib/gnome/lib -R/opt/contrib/gnome/lib -ljpeg
-L/opt/contrib/gnome/lib -R/opt/contrib/gnome/lib -lz  -o ./_imaging.so
./_imaging.o -lImaging -lc -L/opt/contrib/python-2.2/lib/python2.2/config
-lpython2.2 -lm -ldl

It seems to be working fine now after I itstalled it.  So, I dunno, you
may want to take a look at this for making it work on solaris.