[Image-SIG] img doesn't handle upper case extentsions

Michael Mell mike@nthwave.net
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 14:42:45 -0800

in the module img, the class _FileDict contains the dictionary __fmtdict
with these values:

  'rgb': 'imgsgi',
  'gif': 'imggif',
  'pgm': 'imgpgm',
  'ppm': 'imgppm',
  'pbm': 'imgpbm',
  'tiff': 'imgtiff',
  'tif': 'imgtiff',
  'jpeg': 'imgjpeg',
  'jpg': 'imgjpeg',
  'bmp': 'imgbmp',
  'xbm': 'imgxbm',
  'png': 'imgpng'

Upper case extensions are not handled and throw an error:
raise error, 'Unknown image file type (bad magic number)'

Is there a way to include upper case extensions in the dictionary
without editing the module?


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