[Image-SIG] TIFF photometric imterpretation

D. Alan Stewart Alan Stewart <astewart@layton-graphics.com>
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 15:56:48 -0500

I've had to perform a simple fix on TiffImagePlugin.py at my site: I supplied a 
default value for the PHOTOMETRIC_INTERPRETATION tag.

#       photo = self.tag.getscalar(PHOTOMETRIC_INTERPRETATION)
#       The Aldus TIFF specification says that a photometric intepretation tag
#       is required, but still some TIFF files do not have it! Supplying a
#       default, even though the TIFF specification does not assign one, allows
#       opening slightly illegal TIFF images. - DAS 2001-12-19

        photo = self.tag.getscalar(PHOTOMETRIC_INTERPRETATION, 0)

I'm using PIL 1.1.2.

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