[Image-SIG] PIL help

DBatson@efeckta.com DBatson@efeckta.com
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 16:13:47 -0700

I've been attempting to get the PIL to read in simple PGM P2 format images.
I'm now using the 'fromstring' function, with basically the same results as
when I was using the Image.open() format.

The file reads in without errors, but the data seems to be allocated
incorrectly.  A historgam run on 512X512  image might yield 11 nonZero
values, but the 11 values sum to = 512^2.  I have used the raw decoder, and
pretty much every raw mode in the documentation.  Sigh.

I'm completely baffled.  Can anyone suggest a course of action (other than

Dave Batson (dbatson@efeckta.com)