[Image-SIG] jpeglib.h (from jpeg-6b library)

Terry Hancock hancock@ipac.caltech.edu
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 12:54:16 -0800 (PST)

In building PIL 1.1.2's libImaging module, I run into
a problem with compiling JpegDecode.c, which uses
Jpeg.h, which in turn is trying to find jpeglib.h
(from the jpeg-6b library).

What's weird is that it is looking for "jpeglib.h"
(i.e. in the current build directory), not <jpeglib.h>
(on the INCLUDE path).  Is it expected that I would
copy all of the built jpeg-6b files into the libImaging
directory before building it? That seems a little
unusual, though I don't suppose there's any reason
I can't. But it doesn't seem like the usual procedure,
so I thought maybe I'm missing a step, or it's a
bug. But I hesitate to edit the header file until I
know what was originally intended. :)

As you will probably guess, I installed the jpeg library
into the lib and include directories which I'm using
for other software besides PIL, which seems to be the
usual practice for library packages.  It's not under
/usr/local, but under a custom directory tree on my
system, if that matters (i.e. I used the --prefix
option on configure).


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