[Image-SIG] installation problem

jef.mangelschots@invensys.com jef.mangelschots@invensys.com
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 10:47:13 -0800

I have a problem installing PIL (typicall for a newbee)

I have installed Python 2.2.1 in c:\python22  using ActiveState's

I have downloaded PIL version 1.2 (py22b1-pil-1.1.2-20011022.exe) and ran
the installation. Everything was ok. It installed PIL in C:\Py22

I followed the instruction from ReportLab to copy the files in c:\py22\DLLs
into c:\python22\DLLs
these were the files _imaging.pyd and _imagingtk.pyd (there were no other

I tested whether the operation was ok with ">>>from PIL import Image"
but got the following error message:  "ImportError: No module named PIL"

I also tried: ">>>import Image"
I got the following error message:  "ImportError: No module named Image"

I then tried ">>>import _imaging"
and got the following response (I started python with parameter -v):
import _imaging # dynamically loaded from c:\python22\DLLs\_imaging.pyd

I assume I am missing some libraries or DLL's or am having the wrong ones.
Who knows what I am doing wrong ?

Jef mangelschots