[Image-SIG] Re: PIL 1.1.3 installation problems on Windows 2000

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Sun, 13 Apr 2003 14:23:22 +0200

Tony Cappellini wrote:

> When I run the installer for PIL 1.1.3 on Win2K, the screen which is
> supposed to allow me to select which Python distribution to use, is
> BLANK. (see attached screenshot)
> I only have Py 2.2.2 on my system.
> I've already run the register script, on the download page, and it tells me
> Py20 is already registered.

assuming the download page you're talking about is the one
on effbot.org, note that

1) there's no 1.1.3 kit for Python 2.2 on that page.  (if the installer
is called "-py2.1", it's for Python 2.1, not for Python 2.2).

2) there's no way the registry script can print "py20" if you run it
under Python 2.2.  maybe you have more Python versions installed
than you know about?