[Image-SIG] WAL file format

Derek Simkowiak dereks@realloc.net
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 17:53:52 -0700

	I need the ability to load Id Software "WAL" files.  WAL images are the 
file format used by Id Software for Quake2 texture maps.  They are an 
indexed image format (like GIF) and do not have any compression, and the 
file format includes several copies of the image for use as a "mipmap".

	Looking in the appendix, that format does not appear to be supported.

	I currently have some C code that will load WAL files.  I have been 
using it successfully for some time.  It is basic, and only loads the 
"master" copy of the image (it does not look at the mipmaps, because all 
modern video cards generate their own mipmaps through OpenGL or DirectX).

	I am re-architecting my 3D game engine to use PIL, so that I can 
support all the other image types as textures.  But since PIL does not 
support WAL files, I'm in a bad spot.

	I would like to contribute my C code to the PIL library.  This way I 
can use PIL for all my image loading, including the existing WAL images.

	Does this interest the maintainers?  Does anyone know of any other 
Python code that loads WAL images?

Derek Simkowiak