[Image-SIG] Getting an error in Point operations code from the pil-handbook.

David McDonnell David McDonnell" <dave@blinkworks.com.au
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 16:32:37 +0800

I've just started to use python 2.2 and have installed PIL 1.1.4a4 (win 32
installer, this was the only version i could get to install correctly). I
was trying to use the example code from the PIL handbook (1.1.3).

# split the image into individual bands

source = im.split()

R, G, B = 0, 1, 2

# select regions where red is less than 100

mask = source[R].point(lambda i: i 100 and 255)

# process the green band

out = source[G].point(lambda i: i * 0.7)

# paste the processed band back, but only where red was 100

source[G].paste(out, None, mask)

# build a new multiband image

im = Image.merge(im.mode, source)

but i get a syntax error:

  File "C:\Python22\Scripts\dave_demo\PILtest.py", line 8
    mask = source[R].point(lambda i: i 100 and 255)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

anyone got any ideas? Also if anyone can explain to me how lambda works etc
or point to me to the right place in the docs etc i'd really appreciate it,
cos i cant find anything that i can actually understand about it.




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