[Image-SIG] Re: Installing PIL on zope2.6.1

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Thu Dec 11 09:52:38 EST 2003

Børge Kjeldstad wrote:

> I would like to install PIL to use it with zope2.6.1
> on a windows xp OS. But how will I do that?
> I have downloaded this:
> Python Imaging Library 1.1.4 for Python 2.1 (Windows only) (398k EXE)
> and try to run it, but when I am asked to type in "Installation
> Directory"
> I do not know what directory to type in. Further I am also not allowed
> to type anything - the cursor does not respond to my typing...

there's a brief note on the download page that says:

    If the Windows installer cannot find a Python interpreter, you may
    have to register your interpreter first.

which points to this page:



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