[Image-SIG] Aliasing problem using PIL ..

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon@oit.gatech.edu
02 Feb 2003 14:35:19 -0500

Bryan Lawrence <b.n.lawrence@rl.ac.uk> writes:

> anyway, the following piece of code works but doesn't give the
> quality of results i expected.

My results upon running it were to get the image, with its normal size
and appearance, in the upper-left (not upper-right - my copy of PIL
seems to count coordinates from the upper-left) of an absolutely
enormous 4800x6600 canvas (well, enormous for my 1024x768 display).
To view the large image I can either pan across it, which makes my
image look normal-sized on the screen, or I can shrink the view to fit
on my screen, in which case I see the image - quite appropriately -
rather small and in the upper left corner.

If you could provide for us the test image *and* the bad-looking
output image you are getting, we could probably be of much more
assistance to you.

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Georgia Tech                                            brandon@oit.gatech.edu