[Image-SIG] A library to access AVI, QuickTime and webcams in python/pygame

rtrocca@libero.it rtrocca@libero.it
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 13:38:11 +0100

Hello, I'd like to announce that I released a library (win32 only) for python called pyVideoIO that allows to read AVI, QuickTime and input from a webcam (and several image formats) and use it in pygame or PIL. The software is not tested so much but it seems to work. I already used it (together with some other extensions that are not quite ready for public release) during a live performance to create videoFx in realtime on a video projector. Pygame allowed me to do it in a few hours (it was an emergency). The software can be used to play video (even from a webcam) in realtime in a pygame window. I was able to use it even with a wxPython window.
The installer will create a doc and example folders in the same directory where the lib resides (python22/Lib/site-packages/pyVideoIO).
I'll soon release the source code (The fact is that the building process is a mess by now and I have to create a website too). Anyway the library is LGPL. It uses FreeImage in order to handle different image formats. I hope that this ad interim release will work on your PC. It has been tested on Win2k and WinXP. It uses VFW to open AVI files. QuickTime must be installed in order to use the QuickTime movie reader.
Future releases will include a better documentation, source code, bug fixes and the possibility to write AVI files from python. I hope I'll have time (or someone else will do it) to add an AVIReader that uses DirectShow and to improve QuickTime handling. It would be cool to be able to have a simple QT API for Python and use it for batch processing. It is already possible to implement a simple tool that takes a movie and saves every frame a single image (png, jpg, bmp tiff).
It is also possible to convert frames to PIL images.

Well, enough. The link is:


sorry for the lack of a better web site, but I'll make it asap.
Please send me some feedback, ideas, hints.
If somebody wants to share its experience with DistUtils it would be welcome.

Riccardo Trocca