[Image-SIG] help building PIL1.1.3 on WIn32

eric hagemann ehagemann@comcast.net
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 21:43:11 -0500

    Trying to use PIL 1.1.3 on Python2.2.2 under windows 2K

    When I build using setup.py, there is a problem finding the TCL/TK

    Seems that setup.py is looking for tk.h -- no such file in the python
distribution.  I then downloaded the python2.2.2 source distribution and did
not find it there either.

    What's the best way to perform the build -- from setup.py it looks like
I can point the imaging module to a separate installation of tcl/tk, however
I would assume that I need to have that version match the version that was
used to compile python.

    Any help would be appreciated