[Image-SIG] Splitting Images [Was: .DCX files and dpi information]

Jody jmricker at nc.rr.com
Wed Jun 4 20:00:55 EDT 2003

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> Well, it's a kludge, but if you can't get the info directly, 
> it's pretty obvious that the above example is 200 dpi (1728 / 
> 200. = 8.64), unless someone is sending a fax from a machine 
> that can handle 17in wide paper. If the options are really 
> only 100 or 200 dpi, it shojuld be easy to figure it out for 
> any reasonable image.

I also needed to know the dpi of my images. Is there a way to do it
interactively? At the moment I know what the dpi of the images I need to
handle are set at but would like to set up my script to be more dynamic.

Also, the script I'm working is I need to split a large image into printer
page sized sheets. If I understand the meaning of dpi, that's how many
printed dots per inch. So to crop one page worth of material, I need a
bounding box set:

Width of image in pixels / dpi * 8.5 ## Rounded down
Height of image in pixels / dpi * 11 ## Rounded down


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