[Image-SIG] Question about file decoder

Volker Dobler dobler@interaxia.ch
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 19:55:28 +0100


I wrote a file decoder for a simple image format
(header followed by 16bit data) by subclassing
ImageFile, providing a _open() method and using
a the apropriate raw decodeer.  It works.

Now my question:  The 16bit data is scaled by a
factor and should be rescaled to the "real" values
during reading.  The scaling factor can be found
in the header and is extracted during _open().
How can I do this rescaling during the reading of=20
the file. =20

Of course a can save the scaling factor and do a
img.point( lambda z: z*scaling + 0 ) afterwards,
but I want to implement this step into the reading
of the data.

Any suggestions are welcome.



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