[Image-SIG] email to Doug Zongker

John McPherson jmcphers@csc.com
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 19:38:05 -0500

Could you please forward this to Doug Zongker? My mail router fails the
address dzongker@sourceforge.net, and it is important that I get ahold of

Hello, my name is John McPherson. I work for Computer Sciences Corporation,
on a contract with the INS. The code I work on is involved with Homeland
Security, so there is a lot of pressure on our group right now. I
downloaded from the Web your imgtops source code, and I am attempting to
integrate it into a Windows dll. I have a few questions that I hope you
will be able to answer.

1)  I have installed python and python_imaging on my machine. The Readme
file for python_imaging says to build a dll that will be called
_imaging.dll, but when I compile and link my dll that includes your source
code, I see a message that your code is trying to reference python22.lib,
not  _imaging.lib. When I build the python dll for your code, do I include
all the C files in the Imaging-1.1.2 directory and the libImaging directory
as the python ReadMe says, or do I build the dll/lib files differently, and
what name do I use?

2)  Since your source code is to be incorporated in a Windows dll, what
should I include in the dll beside encoders.c?
It looks like the imgtops.py file is the driver "function" for your code,
so do I need to include it and convert it to C? I will be calling the
imgtops conversion from another function within the same dll, so however I
build it, it will have to be accessible via a C function call.

3)  The application I am working on will be run only on Windows machines,
so do I need the ASCII85 function, or can I comment it out? My dll
currently has another function that is named ASCII85Encode, so it is
causing conflicts during compiling.

4)  When I compile the code, I get a warning that the math.h file in Visual
Studio itself has a redefinition. This happened after I added all of the
python include files. The warning specifically refered to _CRTIMP double
_cdecl atof. Should I change one of the python .h files, or ignore the

If you can help me resolve these issues, I would greatly appreciate it.
Either email me or call me at 202-824-7597.  Thanks for putting your
software on the Web, it will be very useful.