[Image-SIG] Re: Image.putpalette() bug

Fredrik Lundh fredrik@pythonware.com
Thu, 1 May 2003 14:09:13 +0200

"Derek Simkowiak" <dereks@realloc.net> wrote:

> I was testing my WalImagePlugin.py file, and got a strange
> message when I tried to "show()" it:

> class WalImageFile(ImageFile.ImageFile):
>    format = "WAL"
>    format_description = "Id Software Quake WAL texture map"
>    def _open(self):
>        ...
> Image.register_open("WAL", WalImageFile)
> Image.register_extension("WAL", ".wal")

this won't work: PIL requires file plugins to be able to identify a file
by looking at the contents, and there's no identifying information in
a WAL file.

why not just use the WalImageFile module from 1.1.4b1?  (which is
pretty much identical to the one I posted, and appears to work with
all WAL samples I've checked).

in your program, you could do something like:

    def image_open(filename):
        if filename.endswith(".wal"):
            im = WalImageFile.open(filename)
            ... get transparency setting ...
            if transparency is not None:
                im = im.convert("RGBA")
                im.putalpha(Image.new("L", im.size, 255*transparency)
            return im
            return Image.open(filename)