[Image-SIG] write text on a picture (PIL fonts)

Larry Bates lbates@syscononline.com
Fri, 9 May 2003 11:49:09 -0500

Over the years I've located several different collections
of PIL fonts.  I've uploaded them to temporary location at:

5Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/ARIAL_300.ZIP

2Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/COURIER_NEW_300.ZIP

3Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/PIL_BASEFONTS_72DPI.ZIP

4.5Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/PIL_BASEFONTS_100DPI.ZIP

10Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/PIL_BASEFONTS_200DPI.ZIP

16Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/PIL_BASEFONTS_300DPI.ZIP

27Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/PIL_BASEFONTS_400DPI.ZIP

1Mb http://www.syscononline.com//PILfonts/pilfonts.zip

2Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/SCRIPT_FONTS_300.ZIP

2.5Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/SYMBOL_FONTS_300.ZIP

3Mb http://www.syscononline.com/PILfonts/TIMES_NEW_ROMAN_300.ZIP

I think most of the files are self-explanatory.  I haven't
tested these extensively, just saved them when I came across
them.  I have used the COURIER NEW 300 on one project that I
did back last year.

Fredrik - While I'm sure you have most/all of these, if not
maybe you would have someone download them and put them on
your Pythonware site.  I found them extremely difficult to
find and others would benefit I'm sure.  Just a suggestion.

Regards, Larry

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HI! Riardo:
When I had my system adminstrator to install the fonts file, we could not
download it from http://effbot.org/pil/pilfonts.zip, because the webpage
has changed much.  We also tried to find the fonts file on web but failed.
Would you like to tell me other links from which I can download the fonts
file? Or sent the fonts file to me by email, if you'd like.
I really appreciate your help.

On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Ricardo Niederberger Cabral wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Apr 2003 18:49:32 -0400
> Fei Xu <feix@rutchem.rutgers.edu> wrote:
> > HI! Everyone: I am using pytohn image library to draw a picture with
> > text on it.  I can draw things like circles, etc, which means my python
> > library works well. But I can't write text on it.
> > >>>write.text((0, 0, 100,100), 'red') Traceback (most recent call last):
> Try something like:
> ifo=ImageFont.load("courB12.pil")
> draw.text((0,0),caption,(100,100,100),font=ifo)
> where:
> (0,0) is the text coordinate
> (100,100,100) is the text color RGB triple
> caption is a string
> "courB12.pil" is the filename of an existing pil font file. (you may need
to include full path if not in current dir)
> (I believe a corresponding courB12.pbm must also exist at the same path)
> You can get some pil fonts at http://effbot.org/pil/pilfonts.zip
> Best regards,
> ---
> rnc <nieder|at|mail.ru>