[Image-SIG] problem with building _imagingtk on Irix

Alexandre Gillet gillet@scripps.edu
Fri, 09 May 2003 13:05:09 -0700

I am trying to build and use _imagingtk.so on a SGI irix6.5.for python2.3
I am able to build the module but when I import it I get the folowing error:
ImportError: 841717:python2.3: rld: Fatal Error: unresolvable symbol in 
./_imagingtk.so: jpeg_resync_to_restart

I did build libImaging with jpeg and zlib configure. I am using libjpeg 

Any idea where I could have gone wrong?

The output of compiling the library libImaging.a:

ar cr libImaging.a Storage.o Access.o Except.o Antialias.o Bands.o 
Blend.o Chops.o Convert.o ConvertYCbCr.o Copy.o Crop.o Crc32.o Dib.o 
Draw.o Effects.o File.o Fill.o Filter.o Geometry.o GetBBox.o Histo.o 
Matrix.o Negative.o Offset.o Pack.o Palette.o Paste.o Point.o Quant.o 
QuantHash.o QuantHeap.o RankFilter.o Unpack.o UnpackYCC.o BitDecode.o 
EpsEncode.o FliDecode.o GifDecode.o GifEncode.o HexDecode.o JpegDecode.o 
JpegEncode.o LzwDecode.o MspDecode.o PackDecode.o PcdDecode.o 
PcxDecode.o PcxEncode.o RawDecode.o RawEncode.o SunRleDecode.o 
TgaRleDecode.o XbmDecode.o XbmEncode.o ZipDecode.o ZipEncode.o
ranlib libImaging.a
cc -o coretest coretest.o libImaging.a -lz -ljpeg  -lm
ld32: WARNING 84 : /usr/lib32/libz.so is not used for resolving any symbol.
ld32: WARNING 84 : /usr/lib32/libjpeg.so is not used for resolving any 

Output of building _imagingtk.so
building '_imagingtk' extension
creating build/temp.irix64-6.5-2.3/Tk
cc -OPT:Olimit=0 -DNDEBUG -O -IlibImaging -I/mgl/prog/share/include 
-I/mgl/python/sgi4DIRIX646/include/python2.3 -c _imagingtk.c -o 
cc -OPT:Olimit=0 -DNDEBUG -O -IlibImaging -I/mgl/prog/share/include 
-I/mgl/python/sgi4DIRIX646/include/python2.3 -c Tk/tkImaging.c -o 
cc-1164 cc: WARNING File = Tk/tkImaging.c, Line = 197
   Argument of type "int (*)(ClientData, Tcl_Interp *, int, char **)" is
           incompatible with parameter of type "Tcl_CmdProc *".

       Tcl_CreateCommand(interp, "PyImagingPhoto", PyImagingPhoto,

ld -shared -all build/temp.irix64-6.5-2.3/_imagingtk.o 
build/temp.irix64-6.5-2.3/Tk/tkImaging.o -LlibImaging 
-L/mgl/prog/sgi4DIRIX646/lib -lImaging -ltk8.4 -ltcl8.4 -o 

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