[Image-SIG] problem with PIL

Amit Keney amit@darya.nio.org
Tue, 20 May 2003 17:01:47 -0700

hi all

     i work at the National Institute of Oceanography,Goa - India.
I tried installing the PIL library on an Silicon Graphics Onyx2 
Workstation running IRIX6.5 as the OS. wiht much effort i managed to 
install it.
But i am facing a problem now..
I opened a gif file and then tried drawing on the image using the 
ImageDraw module but everytime i use the drawing functions it core dumps

please if any one can help i would be highly obliged

Thanking all in advance

Amit Keney

Amit Keney
Information Technology Group
National Institute of Oceanography
Ph. 2456700 ext.4213