[Image-SIG] Installing PIL 1.1.4 Error on make

Bjoern Platzen bplatzen at sosnetz.de
Thu Oct 16 17:02:55 EDT 2003

Hi Chris,

Am Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2003 22:47 schrieb Chris Cogdon:
> 2.95.3 supports ANSI C just fine, however. In fact, I think GCC has
> supported ANSI C since its conception.
> There's something ELSE wrong with your setup, which may or may not be
> fixed by installing a new version of the compiler.

Maybe it's what Aaron said, that I only have a 'castrated' version of 
gcc on my box (it's definitly precompiled by SuSE). Then it will be 
fixed by installing the new (full) version of gcc. We will see...
... if that doesn't help, I will have to dig deeper...
...though I'm not yet sure where to search next. I'm more a Linux-user 
than an admin...


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