[Image-SIG] PSDraw yields Undefined Error gsize when output onPSdevice

kevin at cazabon.com kevin at cazabon.com
Tue Oct 21 23:18:11 EDT 2003

I've posted the next version of my printer driver for Windows for those that
are interested, MUCH improved over the early version, and it now includes a
graphical printer setup dialog class.  This should enable you to print to
basically any printer with a normal Windows driver, and has lots of options
on how to size/position the image on the page.

See documentation in the module for details, send me feedback and bug
reports.  The module has been renamed to ImagePrintWin.py


Kevin Cazabon

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> Thanks,
> but there are no Microsoft(TM) Products at this location.
> Therefore I don't have a proprietary Windows(TM) Driver installed.
> I am printing to multiple PostScript Devices.
> So I need to stay within the PostScript Language.
> Has anyone gotten the Example from the PIL manual to work?

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