[Image-SIG] optimizing GIF images

Alfred Milgrom fredm at smartypantsco.com
Thu Oct 30 00:18:01 EST 2003


I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to reduce the size of 
PIL-generated GIF images, but having no success.

1. The documentation in PIL mentions that GIF image saving now supports the 
optimize flag, but there is no usage example.

I have tried
im.save(filepath, optimize=1)

but this did not produce a different-sized image. Am I doing it wrong?

2. In the PIL 1.1.4 distribution, the file GifImagePlugin.py contains the 
following lines at the end:

# Uncomment the following line if you wish to use NETPBM/PBMPLUS
# instead of the built-in "uncompressed" GIF encoder

# Image.register_save(GifImageFile.format, _save_netpbm)

How do I get _save_netpbm for use on Windows?

3. It is my understanding that the patent on GIF format has expired this 
year. Has anyone developed a Python program that enables saving of 
compressed GIF files? (I couldn't find any reference on Google)

Any other suggestions would be welcome. I am using Python 2.2, PIL 1.1.4 on 
Thanks in anticipation,
Alfred Milgrom

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