[Image-SIG] Jpeg EXIF patch

Ondrej Palkovsky ondrap at penguin.cz
Sun Sep 28 17:50:39 EDT 2003

I am not sure where should I send patches, but I have not found any other
address than this. I have written a small patch to JpegImagePlugin that
facilitates easier extraction of Exif tags from Jpeg files. It
automatically maps the number constants to strings according to ExifTags
and extracts the thumbnail properties & image from the exif header. It
does not read the Interoperability nor the Marker IFD. The patch is
available at http://www.penguin.cz/~ondrap/patch.jpeg.txt .

I did test it on python 2.3, but should work on the whole 2.x branch.
It will not probably work with 1.5 because as far as I remember the
{}.get method is not supported, but this could be easily changed.


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