[Image-SIG] ImageFont on Linux? Was: Hard to OCR font

Matthias Urlichs smurf at smurf.noris.de
Sun Apr 18 23:28:39 EDT 2004


Marilyn Davis:
> I'm going to use it to block mail, except from humans.  I'm tired of
> struggling with spam-filter schemes.
The problem with all autoresponse systems, these days, is that they
generate unsolicited email themselves (because email worms routinely
fake sender addresses).

There are also problems with header vs. envelope return addresses,
neither of which is appropriate for sending such a reply to in all

Therefore such replies are very likely to get spamfiltered themselves,
particularly if you quote anything from the originating mail --
some Bayes-style filters will have seen your replies to real spam, and
thus spam-classified your de-block email itself.

NB: Will blind people be able to email you?

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